Launchise started as a resource for early stage entrepreneurs as the founder, Honey Patel,  was embarking on her own entrepreneur journey. Then, she hosted a couple of local events to focus on 'practicing the pitch' and getting concrete feedback for your pitch as well as the idea. Also as an opportunity to find people and network with like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs.


We quickly realized that early stage startups face two major challenges:

1) bestest and fastest way to get market validation and connection to potential users

2) finding the right people to work with (co-founders, advisors, investors, partners, etc.).

This enticed our vision to help entrepreneurs be successful and avoid these two major pitfalls.


Launchise is a community and platform to explore startups and ideas, get feedback and insights on your ventures, and find people to collaborate with to build and scale your business.


We are looking for ambitious, work hard play hard, and get things done types of people to evangelize the Launchise community. There are many ways to lead, contribute, and support!  

If you are interested, contact us to learn more. We are excited to hear from you!

Our Story


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