What is Launchise?

Community and platform to explore ventures (ideas/startups),
get insights for your ventures, and find people to collaborate to build or scale our business


Why was Launchise created?

 To help entrepreneurs with two major pitfalls:

1) Get insights about the ideas/startups

2) Find the right people 


Who is Launchise for?

Anyone in love with entrepreneurship


Do I need to pay to post my ventures or connect with people?

No. It's free to download and use


How many ventures can I post?

As many as you like


What type of things can I post?

You can post an idea that you have been noodling on and/or a startup you have launched


How can I prevent others from stealing concept after I post it?

Chris Sacca once said: "Ideas are cheap, execution is everything".

You shouldn't share your 'magic' or the 'how', just share the 'solution' you are providing.  
Ideas/startups usually don’t fail because they are stolen.  They fail for one or more of these reasons:
not validated properly, not the right people working on it, and not executed properly in a timely manner.  The concept is less important than focusing on user feedback, building the right team, and flawless execution.


What happens after I post my venture?

It will be discoverable for users to provide insights, share it with their network,
and people can connect with you to learn more

What is a difference between an idea and a startup?

Idea is just a concept you are working on

Startup is when you have the product/service launched with customers


How do I get more insights? 

Write a concise and detailed description with as

much information as possible and share on your social network


What type of feedback should I provide? 

Simply click on hear or dislike icon and pick one option 
Provide additional insights with comments is optional


How do I connect with people?

Click 'chat' from the person's profile 


What do I say when I connect with people?

A simple introduction, insights from your perspective and how you can help


What are the community guidelines?

Be honest, respectful, and foster support



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