Post Events, Articles, Resources, etc.

There is lot of resources and articles published daily on pitches, start up, and entrepreneurship.

Share your good reads in the Pitch Idea community.

Send Idea or Pitch for Feedback 

The best way to validate and improve your idea or pitch is to get good feedback.

Post your idea or pitch in the community and ask for feedback.


There is no such this as a stupid question! The community is a great way to get answers from people who have been there, done that.

Connect with People

You can reach out to community members for one on one meetings for support. A simple hello with a request to meet for coffee goes a long way.

Pitch Idea is a great way to connect with subject matter experts, mentors, investors, co-founders, or simply someone to share a cup of coffee with.

One on One

We host Meet Ups for small groups to work on a pitch, get feedback, workshops, etc. Check out our Meet Up page and ask about how to get involved.


Our goal is to host and partner with industry start up and entrepreneurship events. Attending these events is a great way to connect with people.


Partnerships & Sponsors

Pitch Idea strongly believes in collaboration. Get in touch with us to discuss opportunities for building and growing start up ecosystem.

We want to give people the opportunity to pitch  and  get feedback before the important investor pitch.

Learn how you can organize pitch events with us.

Organize & Host Pitch Event With Us

Our community is always looking for exciting talks and workshops.

If you are interested in a speaking engagement for Pitch Idea, get in touch with.

Talk & Workshop for Our Community

We are always looking for partners and sponsors to work with us on building and growing the startup community.

Reach out to discuss potential opportunities.

Got Any Other Ideas to Collaborate?

Pitch Idea is building an entrepreneur community so we can help each other build and grow what we are passionate about.   

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