Marketing and sales is all about customers! What and how you communicate with them to build brand and generate revenue.

Marketing Frameworks

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. There are many ways to market to your customer, and here are some frameworks to help you!

Sales Methedologies

Sales methodology is the process of acquiring customers. There are many structures and ways to selling. Here are popular methodologies to streamline your sales process so you can focus on revenue generation.

  1. Assess the Opportunity 

  2. Set the Competitive Strategy 

  3. Identity Key Players

  4. Define the Relationship Strategy 

  5. Turn Idea Into Action

  6. Test and Improve the Plan

  7. Implement the Process

  1. Situation Questions

  2. Problem Questions

  3. Implication Questions

  4. Need Pay-Off Questions

  1. Metrics

  2. Economic Buyer

  3. Decision Criteria

  4. Decision Process

  5. Identify Pain

  6. Champion

  1. Warmer

  2. Reframe

  3. Rational Drowning

  4. Emotional Impact

  5. Value Proposition

  6. Solution and
    Implementation Map

  1. Qualifying an opportunity

  2. Mapping the opportunity to your capabilities

  3. Asking the right questions

  4. Developing a workable closing plan

  1. Buying Process

  2. Selling Skills

  3. Sales Ready Messaging

  4. Sales Process Deliverables

  5. Pipeline Milestones

  1. Plan

  2. Create

  3. Quality

  4. Develop

  5. Prove

  6. Close

  1. Establish Rapport

  2. Establish an Up-Front Contract

  3. Uncover The Prospect’s “Pain.”

  4. Get The Money Issues Out On The Table.

  5. Discover Your Prospect’s Decision Making Process

  6. Present a Solution That Will Solve Your Prospect’s Pain

  7. Reinforce The Sale With Post-Sell Activity.​


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