Launchise: A Better Way to Entrepreneur

March 17, 2018

Launchise is an app that enables you to browse ventures, give and get insights, and find people to build and scale your business.


Each day, people come up with new business ideas, products, and services, but only about ten percent go beyond the initial stage to become successful businesses. Starting and sustaining a business is intimidating. Many people don't take the first step and the few that do give up early. In Launchise's research, they found that most startups fail for two key reasons:

  1. Validating market fit with continuous insights from users

  2. Finding the right people, including advisors, partners, investors, customers etc.


Today, we are proud to introduce Launchise, new community and platform,

via an iOS app that simplifies getting community insights and helps find the right people to help build, launch, and scale businesses. With Launchise, users can explore ventures, gather insights from potential customers, partners, experts etc. and find the right people to collaborate with, including investors, advisors, co-founders, partners, customers etc. Launchise is on a mission to enable insights, investments, and interconnections for entrepreneurs and explorers.


How Launchise Works

Publish Ventures & Get Insights: The entrepreneurial journey starts with an urge that challenges the status quo and solves a problem for a specific customer. Entrepreneurs can publish ideas or startups (and specify the stage) with core information such as target market, business model, team etc. As the community browses ventures and provides feedback, entrepreneurs will get a breakdown of the insights to help guide strategy.


Browse Ventures & Give Insights: People are always excited about up and coming startups or new ideas that can solve a problem. Users can browse ventures based on interests and provide feedback on feasibility and offer support to the venture. This provides the opportunity to get connected into the startup community and be an early adopter of up and coming innovations.


Connect with People: Building and scaling a company takes a village. Every user has a simple profile with some key details about their interests and what they are looking for. Users can connect with people through the ventures to find customers, partners, investors, advisors, co-founders, and employees. 


Launchise has a simple vision: to connect entrepreneurs and explorers and help them succeed. We hope Launchise cultivates insights and connections for entrepreneurs to move forward and provide explorers a platform to get involved in early-stage startups.


Download Launchise Today!

Get started today by downloading the app from the App Store. Launchise looks forward to launching a web platform and Android version soon. For more information about Launchise, email 


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